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Debbie Lacher Bayes


Before becoming a Christian, my husband, Larry, and I were married and moved to Huntington, West Virginia. It was there that I heard about a little shop ran by a warlock. Having been involved in the occult as a child and teenager, I was curious and went there with a couple of friends. The warlock immediately started touching me from head to waist and started to prophesy to me that I was going to have a son and he would be great in stature. He then proceeded to bless my tarot cards and we left.

Months later, I got pregnant and had a son, Chad. We moved back to Milford, Ohio when he turned one. When he started to try to walk, his feet were turned in so badly and we had to have shoes attached to a metal bar and turned out to try and correct his feet. It was so sad to see it.

At this time, we were serving the Lord and knew that God would take care of him. One evening, there was a knock at the door and it was a young man named Bill Otten. He said the Lord told him to come, but I don’t think he knew what he was in for.

Bill had come to my house to clean out the occult articles. He went through every drawer, shelf, closet, and removed anything and everything that was involved with the zodiac and even found my tarot cards, which for some reason, I still could not let go of, even as a new Christian. He threw it all out. I couldn’t believe anyone could be that bold, and I couldn’t believe I let him. The Holy Spirit was definitely there. He also prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit, and I did. Chad was sleeping in his bed.

Before he left, I told him about Chad’s braces. Well, Bill would have none of that. He opened Chad’s door and peeked in. My son sat straight up in bed with his eyes wide open with such a terrible evil terror in them. The first thing I thought of was the movie Exorcist. Bill discerned what I was feeling and turned around and told me to stop. He then literally jumped on top of Chad and held him down and started commanding that spirit to leave his little body. Chad went completely limp and I think he just wimpered and went to sleep. We said our goodbyes and Bill left. The next day, I just threw away the bars. I know it wasn’t rational, but I was a new Christian and I just simply believed that God had taken care of my boy. Chad walked fine, praise be to God alone and thanks to an obedient servant.


Ionia, MI


My daughter Aubrey came in on crutches.  She had been injured on Thursday evening at gymnastics practice with a badly sprained ankle.  After a Friday morning visit to the doctor, her ankle was put in an air splint and she was on crutches.  Crutches were diagnosed for at least a week and a half and full recovery was expected to be 4-6 weeks.  She was a tad upset at this, since she is a senior and this put a big crimp in her gymnastics season.

Well, when you called for prayer for healing...she went forward, one of the prayer team prayed...and God healed her right there.  We stayed for the next service and I saw her bouncing during the worship.  The crutches now sit in a corner in the entryway, she went back to practice (no one there even noticed that she wasn't on crutches anymore) and I got to tell people who needed to hear of God's healing power about what He had done.  It was amazing!!  Praise God.


This woman was touched by the power of God after listing to a cassette tape!


I was suffering from very bad back problems that would put me out of action for several days at a time.  I had lost all my flexibility and could not even bend over the sink to brush my teeth ( I had to kneel on the floor).

I was serving in children’s church the day you came to our fellowship to preach but I received a copy of the tape to listen to. As I responded to the altar call you made, heat came into my hands.  I layed them on my back and received the touch from God.

My back was restored to normal.  My pain is gone and my flexibility has returned.  I wanted you to know that signs and wonders do FOLLOW the preaching of the Word!!

Florence, SC                       



I was having considerable pain in my back along my spine directly between my shoulder blades. It was very painful like sandpaper on my spine.  I was standing on the platform as part of the worship team wishing I was home in bed.

You walked into the sanctuary and came up behind me and placed your bible against my back in the exact place where the pain was.  I turned around to see who touched me and we chatted for a little while before service began.

It was during the service I began to realize the Lord had healed me! Totally. All pain in my back and spine was gone!


A church in West Branch, Michigan reporting the healing that took place during healing services.


One lady had her deaf ear opened and had perfect hearing!  She went to the doctor afterward and that doctor told her that there was new tissue growing replacing the old/dead parts.

Two people had extreme eczema on their feet where they were unable to wear shoes without extreme pain and blistering.  They both have new tissue growing and their sores are healing from the inside out.

A woman who had smoked for 17 year was delivered from this addiction, her lungs were immediately cleared and her throat was healed from all of the damage cause from smoking.

An elder of the Church – 73 years old.  Healed of Arthritic condition.  He could hardly testify for weeping.  As he stood for healing he could feel his shriveled toes stretching out inside his shoes.  He was so excited over his healing he spent the afternoon testifying to his neighbors!

One man who had suffered from back and neck pain for about 22 years testifies,  “I had been prayed for before on numerous occasions and had regularly prayed for my own healing.  I had gone to a chiropractor on a regular basis with only temporary relief, the pain would always return.  When Brother Otten preached, I think I finally put my faith in the Lord for my healing, and not on my own righteousness, which is what Brother Otten taught us.  After being prayed for during the service that morning, I moved my neck in a way that was always painful prior to that and the pain instantly vanished!  I was healed and have not been back to the chiropractor since.”

This man’s wife gave us this story that teaches us the power of releasing others through forgiveness: 
“I grew up in a home with very poor family relationships and over the years, the relationships between me and my parents and sisters had become worse.  My Dad and I hadn't spoken in over a year and me and my mother and sisters speak very rarely.  There were many reasons but to make a long story short, it boiled down to unforgiveness on all sides of the family.  I am the only Christian in my family, so to them unforgiveness seems to come naturally. The morning brother Otten was here he taught about forgiveness and letting things go.  I prayed and forgave my family for many things that morning.  Later that same day, I was at home and received a call from the sister I get along with the best.  She told me that my father and other sister(the one I got along with the least) had both called and wanted to get together with me for dinner and just to see each other.  This was truly a miracle from God.  I had forgiven them and the same day they, who aren't believers, came seeking me out.


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