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In 1981, we began our outreach of evangelism to the nations. Through the years we have been amazed by some of the opportunities we have had to advance the cause of Christ among the nations but none are as significant as the ministry we are now doing in China.

There are an estimated 50-70 million house-church members in China. Evangelistic zeal of its members spread the underground movement like wildfire in the past 20 years. New Christians begin evangelizing almost immediately and statistics tell us approximately 23,000 are added to the church every day.

The need for teaching is huge. Most house-church leaders have little training in doctrine. Bibles, teaching curricula, worship music and other discipleship materials are in short supply. The believers need teaching on the basic doctrines and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Here is our response to this need:




Lifeline International sends ministry teams to China several times a year to conduct live seminars for underground Church pastors and leaders. Pastors come long distances putting themselves at risk to attend these intensive days of training and impartation.



Through the years Lifeline International has partnered with the Chinese Church in training and sending young men and women to the unreached people groups in China. This project has birthed many new Churches and brought the Gospel to many parts of China for the first time.



The mission of Lifeline International is to connect the resource to the need.
BIBLES - Presently we are supplying thousands of bibles monthly to rural areas of China where many Christians do not possess the scriptures for themselves or their outreach.  We also network with other ministries to supply thousands of study Bibles for the leaders and workers.
EQUIPMENT - Including computers, projectors, satellite receiving systems, musical instruments and anything else that will advance the biblical training of Chinese believers and empower their work of evangelism to unreached areas.


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